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A radiation oncologist and health researcher provides counsel on navigating one of the most feared maladies in modern medicine.

As devastating and derailing as a cancer diagnosis can be, debut author Rosenberg recognizes the urgent need for information and sound, patient-centered advice that is devoid of confusing jargon and mistruths. “We’ve all been touched by cancer,” he writes, categorizing it as the second most common cause of death (behind heart disease). The guidebook focuses on processes and treatments and seeks to arm patients with a useful “flashlight in the darkness of cancer information.” Delivering concise data in straightforward, readable language, the author begins with an overview of cancer cells, using basic biology to describe their framework; how the disease functions and grows; and the intricate hijacking process employed to mutate and replicate within host organs and tissues. Other chapters detail diagnosis criteria through scans and biopsies and how best to mitigate risk factors like family genetics and environmental exposures. He also stresses the importance of prime self-care support options to address the disease’s physical and emotional tolls. The myriad of treatment options and alternative integrative therapies form the most significant chapters in the manual as they directly pertain to a patient’s curative path and future quality of life. A chapter on boosting one’s vitality through diet and lifestyle during therapy is also invaluable. While some of Rosenberg’s advice could be considered pedestrian, for readers in times of bodily crisis they will serve as priceless reminders on maintaining and preserving optimal health. He urges everyone involved to never be afraid to ask questions or seek a second opinion. Rosenberg also outlines what he considers the top 10 mistakes patients can make upon receiving a diagnosis involving cancer, such as not knowing what type and stage they have and failing to remain attentive to overall personal wellness before, during, and after treatment. A concluding glossary and resource list round out Rosenberg’s impressive continuum of patient care for cancer sufferers searching for cleareyed guidance and compassionate clinical direction.

A friendly, practical, easy-to-read road map that may indeed take some of the sting out of an alarming cancer diagnosis.



What You Need to Know

Dr. Stephen Rosenberg’s book is the definitive guide for patients and families touched by cancer. Dr. Rosenberg is a radiation oncologist who cares deeply about communicating all aspects of cancer care to his patients. He found that information surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in books or on the Internet was often overwhelming for patients. These resources often led to more patient and family confusion. To empower patients, Dr. Rosenberg decided to write a book on issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."

- Charles Mingus

About Stephen Rosenberg, MD


Stephen Rosenberg is a radiation oncologist, researcher, and writer. He grew up in Medford, New Jersey and graduated from Brown University with a BS in Biology. He earned a MS in Clinical and Translational Research at Rutgers University in combination with his Medical Degree. During medial school, he was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellow. He went on to complete his medical internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where he was named the Suzanne Munson Intern of the Year. He is currently completing his residency in radiation oncology at the University of Wisconsin. Stephen lives with his wife, son, and their two dogs in Madison, Wisconsin. He is an avid coffee drinker, art lover, fisherman, and traveler.

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